Workshop building for Konrad-Zuse-schule

Land Berlin
General Planer
ZRS Architekten
Structural Engineer
ZRS Ingenieure
Net floor area
1157 m2
ELT Planning
HDH Ingenieure
Landscape Architecture
hochC Landschaftsarchitekten
Execution, Timber construction
Zimmerei Sieveke

ZRS Architekten Ingenieure is building a new workshop building in timber for the Konrad-Zuse-Schule in Berlin-Pankow. The new extension to the trade school with special education programs will provide the school with new workshops and classrooms from the school year of 2021/22. Because of the pure timber construction consisting of prefabricated elements the construction can be executed economically, fast, with little noise pollution, precise and during the every-day life of the school.

Even though the workshop building is in front of the existing historical school building and is the new main address for the school, it architecturally stays subordinate to the main building. The building is in a timber frame construction with prefabricated elements that get assembled on site. The skeleton structure consisting of beams and columns are in laminated timber and the outer walls are highly insulating with cellulose fiber while the inner walls and ceilings are constructed in cross laminated timber. The simple shape of the building stands in contrast to the outer facade with its vertical, dark and carbonized wooden slats. The use of different slat profiles creates a relief on the façade with a constantly changing shadow play. Timber predominates both the inside and the outside of the building. Except for the renewable material timber, the sustainability concept for the building also includes a simple construction and the choice to use as little building technology, low-tech, as possible. This makes the building a pilot project with in school buildings.