The autumn issue of the science magazine TAD (Technology | Architecture + Design) is dedicated to the topic of circularity. The main focus is on the combination of technology and the reuse of building materials and components.

Andrea Klinge wrote the article “Research into practice: Tying two Ends of a String Together” for the journal. Starting from the point that although the disciplines of architecture and civil engineering have always held an inherent research approach, very few planners establish a research department in their offices. In her article, Andrea Klinge uses the day-to-day work of ZRS Architekten Ingenieure to show how research, design and construction practice can intertwine and lead to innovative results. She discusses the European research project RE⁴, for which ZRS Architekten Ingenieure developed a prefabricated housing construction system consisting of 65% recycled materials. Building on this, she also explains how the extension of the Konrad Zuse School in Berlin< was realised using a completely circular construction method.

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Photo: Konrad Zuse School in Berlin (© Giacomo Morelli)

Posted on: 23. January 2024