LELF | Administrational Building in timber

Paulinenaue | Germany

Land Brandenburg vertreten durch Brandenburger Landesbetrieb für Liegenschaften und Bauen (BLB)
Structural Engineering
ZRS Ingenieure
ZRS Architekten
Mechanical Engineering
DKI Plan
Fire Protection
ZRS Architekten
Planning Time
05|2018 – 11|2019
Building Time
03|2020 - 06|2021
Usable Area
827 m2

For the State Office for Rural Development, Agriculture and Land Consolidation (LELF), ZRS Architekten Ingenieure planned the construction of a new administration and research building in pure timber construction.

The first floor contains a passable hall, storage and work rooms as well as a conference room. The upper floor contains storage rooms, a library and an archive as well as offices and break rooms for the staff. Access is via a central staircase with a two-flight glulam staircase and a passenger elevator with elevator shaft turns in cross-laminated timber construction. In the area of the hall, another glulam staircase is executed.

The roof structure of the hall building consists of inclined trusses with suspended ceiling sails. The trusses of the roof structure are supported by wooden columns. The columns in the exterior walls are one-piece, which means that there is no column joint at the level of the floor slab.
The load-bearing and bracing walls are of timber panel construction. When arranging the tension and shear ties, care was taken to allow a high degree of prefabrication of the wall elements.

The floor slabs are of solid wood construction with board stack ceilings. The ceilings are indirectly connected to the exterior walls via cleats.
The load-bearing axes are founded with strip footings. In the outer wall axes, the strip foundations also serve as frost aprons. The floors in the hall are formed as unreinforced floor slabs. An insulating layer with foam glass ballast is provided on the underside. By using strip footings and dispensing with a continuous floor slab, the quantities of reinforced concrete are significantly reduced.