Start of construction at LELF

We are very pleased to announce the start of construction of the administration building planned by ZRS on the properties of the State Office for Rural Development, Agriculture and Land Reconciliation (LELF) in Paulinenaue, Brandenburg. The two-storey building is optimally adapted to the future work processes and makes the two main uses administration/office and preparation/sampling of seeds immediately visible.

Two full floors with a central access core are planned for high energy efficiency and optimal routing in the building. In the sense of a natural and resource-saving concept, the entire building was deliberately planned with sustainable materials and ecological manufacturing methods. By using recycled concrete for the statically necessary strip foundations and a foam glass filling as foundation, the use of fossil raw materials is reduced to a minimum. A prefabricated wooden frame structure with wood-blowing insulation is built above the base. The laminated timber ceilings and trusses of the roof construction are designed as visible elements. Cross-laminated timber walls form the elevator shaft, which are covered with fire protection technology.

While the northern roof areas are extensively greened, the south sides are equipped with a highly efficient photovoltaic system. The building is naturally ventilated and heated by geothermal energy as well as cooled in summer.

It is the first low-tech building made of sustainable building materials in the BLB (Brandenburg State Office for Real Estate and Building).

Completion date: end of 2020

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Posted on: 6. April 2020