Wood Brick Clay | Pilot project for sustainable multi-storey residential construction

Berlin-Britz | Germany

Stadt und Land Wohnbauten-Gesellschaft GmbH
Architecture | General planning
ARGE ZRS Architekten & Bruno Firoretti Marquez GmbH
Structural Engineering
ZRS Ingenieure
Landscape Design
Schönherr Landschaftsarchitekten
HLS Planning
DKI Plan, Dietrich | Klose Ingenieure
IRG, Ingenieurgesellschaft für rationelle Gebäudetechnik
RCL, Redeker Consult Luckenwalde
ZRS Architekten
Feier Protection
ZRS Architekten
IB Hausladen
Senatsverwaltung für Umwelt, Mobilität, Verbraucher- und Klimaschutz
2.372 m2 Wohnfläche + 94 m2 Nutzfläche
Planning time
01|2021 - heute
Mitte 2024 (geplant)
Scientific support
TU Berlin | Universität Stuttgart | TU Braunschweig
Visualisations | Plans
Arge ZRS Architekten GvA mbH und Bruno Fioretti Marquez GmbH

In cooperation with STADT UND LAND Wohnbauten-Gesellschaft mbH, ZRS Architekten Ingenieure in ARGE with Bruno Fioretti Marquez GmbH is carrying out a pilot project for multi-storey residential construction.

Two buildings are being constructed on a plot in Alt-Britz, one in timber-frame and the second in brick-and-wood construction. The floor plans, storey heights and cubature are identical. The aim is to reduce the use of building technology and to dispense with air-conditioning and ventilation technology by means of a climate-adapted design and simple and robust construction with climate-controlling building materials.

For the purpose of comparability, the houses will be scientifically monitored in the first years after completion. The results should provide information about the potential of climate- and cycle-friendly as well as resource-optimised construction in public rental housing. The team hopes that this project will set the course for ecologically and socially responsible multi-storey housing construction in the future.

The project is funded by the Senate Department for the Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection from the Innovation Promotion Fund.

Scientific support is provided by the TU Berlin, the University of Stuttgart and the TU Braunschweig.