Edeka Future Market

Nauen | Germany

EDEKA-MIHA Immobilien-Bau GmbH
Architecture | Fire Protection
ZRS Architekten
Structural Engineering
ZRS Ingenieure
TGA Planning
Landscape Design
Kriewald Landschaftsarchitektur
Gross floor area
5000 m²

ZRS Architekten Ingenieure were commissioned by the food wholesaler EDEKA to plan an innovative and ecologically sustainable local supply centre in timber construction – the “EDEKA Future Market” – in Nauen, Brandenburg. The building is to be developed and implemented as a prototype that represents the company’s sustainability concept of climate-friendly management through a sustainable and resource-optimised construction method.

The new building is a hall structure with highly insulating exterior walls in timber frame construction with wood fibre insulation and a wooden facade. The two-storey hall has a supporting structure of wooden columns and timber trusses made of beech. The structure is approx. 85 m long, 50 m wide and 8.5 m high. The gross floor area is almost 5,000 m².The roof is made of wide-span wooden hollow box elements that rest on the truss girders, which are offset in height, with an angle of inclination of approx. 10°. The roof construction is characteristic of the building’s appearance and suggests gable roofs arranged in rows. The roof surfaces facing west are covered with photovoltaic elements, while those facing east are designed as a green roof.

Wood dominates both the interior and exterior. The façade plays with the contrast of a carbonated – i.e. charred – wooden façade in the base area and a light-coloured lamella façade in the upper part of the façade. In the area of the entrance façade, the building opens up and the wooden façade is interrupted by a plant trellis. The post-and-beam glass façade functions as a shop window into the market.

In addition to the decision to construct a consistent timber building, importance was also attached to a near-natural outdoor space design with a meadow orchard and an educational ecology path, as well as to the technical building equipment in particular.