ZU/FLUCHT | Cooperative Exhibition

Berlin, Deutschland

Project initiator
Stiftung Exilmuseum
Natural Buildig Lab | studio dazwischen
Structural Calculation
ZRS Ingenieure | Hendrik Behrens
Natural Building Lab

ZU/FLUCHT is a temporary and cooperative exhibition in collaboration with the Exilmuseum Foundation and other partners that will run from 12 June to 31 October 2021. In 2021, six former Tempohome containers will provide space for exhibition content and events by partners and other participants.

In 2015, the city of Berlin acquired around 5,000 containers that were to serve as temporary housing for refugees. Today, some containers have already served their original purpose and the question arises as to how they can continue to be used in the best possible way. The exhibition “ZU:FLUCHT” is meant to be a stopover for the containers, which can then be handed over to new owners (with ideas for subsequent use). This project aims to show how the container can be reused as a material without losing sensitivity for its past as a living space.

ZU/FLUCHT is an open-air exhibition on the way to the Exilmuseum, which is to be built at Anhalter Bahnhof in the next few years. Today, only the ruined portal reminds us of the station from which countless people persecuted by the National Socialists left between 1933 and 1945 to seek refuge in exile. ZU/FLUCHT presents the museum project and its thematic focus. The exhibition tells the story of the refugees of that time, but, like the future Exile Museum, it also builds a bridge to the present: for, unlike back then, Germany today is a country in which many seek refuge.

ZU/FLUCHT invites you to learn more about the future Exilmuseum and the projects of its cooperation partners and to become actively involved in the museum’s development at this location.