UNESCO World Heritage Site Uruk


Comissioned by
Federal Republic of Germany, Federal Foreign Office
Project Management
German Archaeological Institute, Berlin, Dr. Margarete van Ess
Lovis Lehmbau, Dreiskau-Muckern and ZRS Ingenieure GmbH, Berlin
Project duration
ongoing since 2016
Architectural services
Klessing Hoffschildt Architects GbR, Berlin
Engineering services
ZRS Engineers GmbH, Berlin

One of the major find spot in Mesopotamia is Uruk, lying southeast of Babylon, close to the Euphrat.

People settled there for 5.000 years, since about 5000 BC until 300 AC. Today its a UNESCO World Heritage.

Together with the German Archaeological Institute, ZRS enigneers are working on this archeological place to preserve it.

The main goal is the development and implementation of engineering conservation concepts.

seperated by following services of ZRS engineers:

– Engineering analysis of the decay mechanisms

– Development and assistants of a monitoring system

– Developing and maintaining a priority list from an engineering point of view

– Engineering construction survey and damage mapping

– Development of engineering conservation concepts for objects or parts of the archaeological site

– Implementation of Emergency Conservation and Conservation Work with focus on Earthen Building Heritage