Earth in Building Conservation

University of Applied Sciences, Department of Civil Engineering, Building Conservation Masters, Compulsory module C6
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christof Ziegert

The module intends to provide a grounding in the use of earthen building materials in the conservation of both earthen and non-earthen buildings. A knowledge of the specific properties of earthen materials, their advantages and particularities should enable the students to reach new standards in material critical construction as well as in the fields of conservation projects and extensions to existing buildings. The materials and techniques are explained through the use of numerous international and national project examples with the inclusion of a one-day excursion.

The graduates are capable of recognising and classifying the damages to earthen buildings and materials and are knowledgeable of their special properties and characteristics. They are also prepared to develop informed new conservation and modernisation concepts for earthen buildings.

The module is taught over the course of six separate days of four hours teaching spread throughout the semester. The module is assessed through a written exam and is also available to special and external applicants.