AlUla | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

German Archaeological Institute
ZRS Ingenieure
The framework for the assessment and development of the conservation strategy is two years (starting in 2022)
ZRS Architekten Ingenieure

The project deals with the development of an interdisciplinary strategy for the conservation of the archaeological site of Qurh (AlMabiyat) in AlUla, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The archaeological site encompasses a large area with several open trenches from previous archaeological campaigns as well as a number of free-standing or exposed architectural elements, such as sections of the city wall. The visible remains consist of a variety of architectural elements, mainly made of earthen materials as well as brick- and stonework.

ZRS Ingenieure has been contracted in quality of consultant by the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) with the task of investigating the structural and material conditions of the remains, of carrying out a number of tests to ascertain the causes of deterioration and of outlining a number of options for the conservation of the archaeological site on the basis of its technical assessment. This technical assessment will feed, together with the reports specific to other disciplines relevant to the site and the project, into the decision-making process for the writing up of the final recommendation for the conservation strategy of the site.

Additionally, ZRS Ingenieure will be in charge of developing adequate material mixes and supervising the production thereof in case repair and strengthening is chosen as part of the conservation strategy. Temporary shoring and emergency intervention to prevent the risk of collapses and loss of historic materials are also part of the contract.