We are very pleased to announce that our RE4 project won the DGNB  Sustainability Challenge 2020 in the category ‘Research’ announced by the German Sustainable Building Council.

RE4 is a collaborative research project funded by the EU that ran over the past 3.5 years. An international consortium of 13 partners from both science and industry, designed a concept for a prefabricated, energy-efficient residential building made from recycled structures and materials.

Different waste streams such as minerals, plastic and timber were addressed, resulting in the development of materials, building components and prefabricated elements that contained on average up to 80% construction and demolition waste. To ensure an efficient assembly and disassembly and enable a future reuse, the project focuses on reversible connections. Proof of concept was delivered through the construction of two 2-storey demonstrator buildings, whereof one was fully dismantled. The project demonstrates a viable pathway how the construction sector can successfully minimise waste generation and CO2 emissions.

We would like to thank all partners and contributors for the collaboration and support!



More information about the project here and further details on the price and motivation here. You can also see video clips from the event and an Interview with Andrea Klinge on DGNBs video feed or here below:




Images & Video: DGNB and Konstantin Gastmann

Posted on: 23. September 2020