The new issue of the magazine db on the subject “Building differently” focusses, among other things, on “Low-tech instead of expensive air conditioning technology”. Our project, the Flexim Headquarters in Berlin-Marzahn, serves as an example of low-tech ventilation concepts. In this project, ventilation elements for natural ventilation and night-time cooling are located between the windows of the ribbon façade. Only some interior rooms require mechanical ventilation.

Link to the article “Klima ohne Anlage”

The CRCLR House in Berlin-Neukölln, for which ZRS Ingenieure planned the supporting structure of the entire building, is also presented in this issue. Here the focus is on reusability and sustainability in the sense of circular construction.

Link to the article “Wiederverwendbarkeit als Ziel”

Photo: Flexim headquarters

Posted on: 17. October 2023