Opening of the Jiyan Healing Garden & Healing Spaces Symposium / 28-29.10 / Chamchamal

The Jiyan Foundation offers trauma therapy for survivors of war, persecution and human rights abuses in Northern Iraq. In collaboration with the Technical University Berlin (TU Berlin) and BORDA, the first buildings of the Healing Garden for Chamchamal have been completed. The facilities for animal-assisted therapy, that will primarily benefit women and children, have been built by local craftsmen using sustainable materials such as earth, bricks and timber. A biogas plant and grey water treatment facility provide clean energy and water for the health centre. Thanks the contribution of generous donors and supporters, the second phase of the Healing Garden project has already begun with the construction of a workshop and therapy complex with open air theatre to be completed next spring. 

Experts including Prof. Eike Roswag-Klinge, Marine Miroux and Leon Radeljic from ZRS Architekten were invited to attend a one-day symposium at Charmo University in Chamchamal, discussing the therapeutic approach of the Healing Garden. The symposium dealt with contemporary methods of trauma therapy as well as the architecture and landscape design of the healing garden, which take reference from local building traditions. 

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Posted on: 25. October 2018