Competition “Multitalent Gesucht” – OSSIETZKY-HOF CONVERSION IN NORDHAUSEN, Thuringia / with Hütten & Paläste / 1. PRIZE

Within the context of the IBA Thüringen and supported by the European Regional Development Fund, the transformation of GDR Plattenbauten through sustainable, climate adaptive, and transferable strategies is being explored. The area of Ossietzky-Hof in Nordhausen-Nord serves as an example of new solutions for ecological and diverse forms of living, community and free space.

In cooperation with Hütten & Paläste Architekten, herrburg landscape architects and e+Zeit engineers, a model has been developed to extend the current building and living structures, with interventions in several scales.

Plattenbauten are highly efficient buildings that were used to reduce construction time and cost through standardization and prefabrication. The concept proves their features as providers of possibilities, and updates their flexibility by implementing specific interventions.

The project Franzi, Ludwig & Sophia aims to contribute to the national and international discourse of climate protection and climate adaption at the neighborhood level.

Posted on: 6. December 2018