16.00 – 17.30 | Round Table Talk | with Prof. Andrea Klinge (among others)

A panel discussion on the planned demolition of the high-rise An der Urania 4-10 will take place in the studio foyer of the Akademie der Künste Berlin on 14th January. Those responsible and experts will be invited to bring clarity and transparency to the diffuse debate about an important Berlin building and its future and to discuss the urgently needed change in the fundamental approach to demolitions in Berlin. The event will take place as part of the finissage of the Arch+ exhibition “The Great Repair”. The event will be in German.

Panelists: Theresa Keilhacker (Architektenkammer Berlin), Andrea Klinge (ZRS Architekten Ingenieure), Martin Hoffmann (Schadstoffgutachter), Elisabeth Broermann (A4F), Initiative an.ders Urania. Also in demand: Petra Kahlfeldt (Senatsbaudirektorin) and Birgit Möhring (BIM GmbH). Moderation: Matthias Noell

The building An der Urania 4–10 is an icon of West Berlin’s architecture. Built 1964–67 by Werner Düttmann, the high-rise is owned by the City of Berlin and is part of the city’s architectural heritage, not least because of its tectonic clarity and architectural quality. In light of the spiraling climate crisis, the Senate’s decision to demolish this structurally functional high-rise made of reinforced concrete is outdated. The initiative an.ders Urania campaigns for the high-rise’s preservation and has launched a petition calling for an immediate halt to the demolition plans.

Further information: adk.de, andersurania.org, archplus.net

Photo: Initiative an.ders Urania

Posted on: 12. January 2024