Information Centre Ring Shrine Pömmelte

Pömmelte | Germany

Salzlandkreis | Dezernat Bauordnung und Hochbau
Sußmann + Sußmann Architekten und Ingenieure | Magdeburg
Structural Engineering | Specialist planning for earth building
ZRS Ingenieure
Execution rammed earth
Zimmerei Heinrichs | Hiddenhausen
Completion of rammed earth components
sußmann + sußmann, architekten und ingenieure / Mika Garau, (completion)
ZRS Ingenieure (construction site)

The Pömmelte Ring Sanctuary Information Centre is the first new rammed earth building in Saxony-Anhalt since the 1950s. The building thus ties in with both the solid earth construction of the 18th and 19th centuries, which was historically very widespread in this region, and the earth building tradition of the time layers visible in the archaeological park.

The rammed earth walls were stripped in September 2021 and are already attracting great interest from visitors to the archaeological park. During the construction of the walls, both laymen and specialist earthen craftsmen were able to receive further training in rammed earth techniques.