Earth Building Specialist DVL

Dachverband Lehm

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christof Ziegert

The Earth Building Specialist qualification is a practical trade training course in earth building. However, participants are more often than not planers with a practical interest. The aim of the course in to improve and secure the practical quality of earth building works. The course gives craftsmen and their firms the chance to establish their position on the market through the advanced knowledge and skills gained while also satisfying the pre-requisites needed to apply for a position on the craftmen’s register as an Earth Building Firm.

The content and coursebook were prepared by the Earth Building Association (DVL) and are regularly updated with the latest content. Teaching staff are selected using stringent criteria by the DVL. The courses are run in co-opertation with craft training centres (currently Biberach, Herrstein and Düsseldorf). The required equipment is organised and financed by the course.

The course content covers all relevant earth building techniques and is taught in blocks of theory and practical exercises taught and practiced in test building sites. The DVL yearly offers all graduates extra specialist courses eg. coloured earth plasters or rammed earth building and also organises a yearly meeting to exchange experiences and share new knowledge.