Creative Quarter Potsdam | Competition Entry

GW Kreativquartier GmbH & Co. KG
Invited competition
ZRS Architekten with Bruno Röver
Structural design
ZRS Ingenieure

The competition entry for the new Creative Quarter in Potsdam stands for sustainable and future oriented Architecture from which client, users and society profits equally. With an emphasis on circular economy and healthy Low-Tech strategies with natural building materials this concept is an important contribution to the protection of climates and resources and the health of users.

The urban design are compliant with the guidelines and principles in the master plan concept. Hence block is closed to create a distinct boarder to the city but in the inner courtyard the strict and spacious surroundings are contrasted by the detailed and small-scale village ensemble. 

The ‘Five Friends’ of the inner village stand out with their own strong character against the green facades of the block closing buildings that rather fall into into the background. With their location, size, height they all individually react to their position in the Quarter, creating interesting sequences of spaces consisting of alleys, squares, gardens and entry ways.

With its bold and narrational typological characteristic the wooden architecture captures the usage and interpretations   of the buildings and show the large potential for spatial appropriation given to humans and nature. The different characteristic are strengthened by the different colours on the timber facades. This is a colourful quarter for the diverse creative community in Potsdam.