The aim of the Standardization Roadmap of DIN, DKE and VDI is to provide an overview of the status quo of standardization in the field of the Circular Economy, to describe the requirements and challenges for seven key topics, and to identify possible concrete needs for action for future standards and specifications. The Circular Economy is of particular importance in achieving the goals of the Green Deal and the Climate Change Act 2021. In order to achieve the ambitious climate protection targets, new and revised technical rules for the Circular Economy are now needed. The Standardization Roadmap Circular Economy will set the path for this, thus driving forward the green transformation of Germany and Europe.

The content of the Roadmap is drawn up by representatives from industry, science, the public sector and civil society. 550 Experts from the Circular Economy sector contribute their ideas. The development of the Standardization Roadmap took place in seven working groups – corresponding to the seven key topics of the Circular Economy Action plan. Andrea Klinge and Eike Roswag-Klinge, as heads of the Construction and Municipalities working group, in cooperation with Peter Jehle (co-head), have driven the process forward with around 70 experts and laid the foundations for a revision of the standardization with the aim of significantly reducing resource consumption, CO₂ emissions and waste generation as quickly as possible.

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Posted on: 20. June 2023