This year, the standard civil engineering publication Mauerwerk Kalender, edited by Detlef Schermer and Eric Brehm and published by Ernst & Sohn, focuses on repair, earthquakes and earth building. It is therefore all the more pleasing that not only the cover photo was provided by ZRS Ingenieure, but that substantial contributions from us are also included, namely: Standards in earth building by Christof Ziegert (ZRS Ingenieure) and Ulrich Röhlen (Claytec) as well as the conservation of Mesopotamian earth buildings in Uruk (southern Iraq), the first metropolis of mankind, by Jasmine Alia Blaschek and Christof Ziegert (both ZRS Ingenieure).

More information on the Standard for Load-bearing Earth Block Masonry DIN 18940

More information on the Emergency Conservation of the White Temple in Uruk

Posted on: 12. April 2023