Town Wismar, Restoration of a Unesco World Heritage Building

Wismar, Germany

Friedrich Däuble & Claudia Däuble-Genelin
Construction works
Ausführung in 2013/2014
KfW Awards Bauen und Wohnen 2017 (Lobende Anerkennung)
Living area
Roswag Architekten
Structural Engineering
Ziegert I Seiler Ingenieure
Architektenkammer Berlin (Hrsg.): ARCHITEKTUR BERLIN BAND 6 – Baukultur in und aus der Hauptstadt, Braun Publishing, Berlin 2017, ISBN 978-3-03768-216-6

It is a two storey house with gable roof and older annex with parts of the structure dating from 1400, brewery from 1680, later used residentially, and more recently left unoccupied

ZRS engineer services: structural engineer LP 1–5, engineering building survey, assessment of existing building

Aims of the restoration:

  • Restoration of the 1930s condition depicting the patchwork of different building phases. This combined with a new modern addition will bring the building to the modern residential living standards
  • Permanent preservation of the building, strengthening of the facades and interior structure with timber and earth, all actions informed by conservation and material justification
  • Strengthening of interior wall foundations using micro-piles
  • Energy optimisation through breathable materials
  • Interior insulation with wood fibre and earth
  • Roof and ceiling insulation with cellulose
  • KfW 115 low energy house standard (EnEV 2009)
  • Regenerative heat sourcing