Construction works
begin of building 2016 completion 2019
Surface area
625 m²
Thomas Kröger Architekten
Structural Engineering
ZRS Ingenieure
Thomas Kröger Architekten

Thomas Kröger Architekten planned to build another residential building in timber- and solid concrete, with structural engineering done by ZRS engineers.

The building with a high geometrical complexity is equipped with a waterproof concrete foundation. A 3D-concrete structure provides stability against seismic loads. ZRS provided service in work phases 1 to 6.

A reinforced concrete construction of ceilings and walls combines the core, with timber- and structure elements attached to it.

ZRS engineers made the necessary position-, formwork-, timber- and reinforcement plans. The house was built with a total of 14 formwork- and 45 reinforcement plans.