5. Minarett Herat


UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Asia and Pacific unit
Construction time
Realisation in several stages beginning 2012
Structural Engineering
ZRS Ingenieure
Unesco (Hrsg.): Safeguarding the Cultural Heritage of Afghanistan JAM and HERAT, Unesco, Frankreich 2015, ISBN 978-92-3-100093-5

Investigation of long term strategies for the structural support of a masonry Minaret in Herat. The 5th Minaret, part of the Musallah Complex in Herat was recently placed on the UNESCO World Heritage in danger list.

ZRS engineer services are structural analysis and conception of multi-stage structural strategy.

After the initial measures to secure the Minaret a detailed structural analysis will be used to develop a long term strategy for the preservation of this hugely important monument.

The project will be executed in stages employing temporary scaffolding, new foundations and cutting edge masonry conservation techniques.