Old Palace Doha amidst the new National Museum

As the “main exhibit” part of the new built National Museum in Qatar, which opened in March 2019, the Old Palace Doha, restored and refurbishes by ZRS, is now situated in the middle of the museum and completes the 1.5 km tour of the exhibition. The new building, designed by Atelier Jean Nouvel and created in the symbol of a desert rose, surrounds the palace and partially rises like a curious new construction into the space of the original palace. Two epochs, two strands of time, two completely different architectural worlds collide here and create a harmonious coexistence precisely because of their obvious difference.

The palace is considered one of the most important buildings in the history of Qatar. Built at the beginning of the 20th century by Sheikh Abdulah bin Jassim bin Mohamed Ak Thani, the palace has taken on a wide variety of functions, such as the seat of the ruling family or the seat of government. Based on the many renovations that have been carried out over the decades, the building tells a multifaceted story with a multitude of overlapping timelines. Through the careful consolidation works and the continuous documentation of these, the individual layers can also be traced in retrospect. Today, with its presence in the middle of the new National Museum, it tells the history of the golf state.

After a visit last autumn, we are very pleased that the palace is still shining in all its glory. Both the museum and the palace, renovated as a “main exhibit”, are worth a visit!

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Posted on: 28. April 2020