Lecture ‘Mesopotamian earthen world heritage’ | Prof. Christoph Ziegert | 20.02.2020 | ETH Zürich

The lecture series ‘Lehm ohne Grenzen’, or Earth without boarders in English, is organized by the Swiss Earth building association and we are happy that Christoph Ziegert has been invited to talk about his extended work on the archeological site of Uruk. The theme for the lecture is ‘Mesopotamian earthen world heritage’ and he will talk about the excavation and restoration of the site. He will also talk about the temples made of earthen blocks and rammed earth, the challenges that the restoration of a 5000-year-old site hold and the current status of the project.

The event will be held at the ETH Zurich on the 20th of February at 18.30. No prior registration is necessary, everyone is welcome. 


More information about our work in Uruk here.

More information about the event here.

Posted on: 18. February 2020