Klimaschutzpartner Berlin 2024 | Winner | Category A: realised projects

At this year’s “climate protection partner of the year”-awards (“Klimaschutzpartner des Jahres”), the project “Kokoni One – Timber Construction Quarter at the Orchard” was honoured as the winner in category A: “realised projects”. The new housing quarter by project developer INCEPT GmbH is being realised by ZRS Architekten Ingenieure as general planners. It is located in the north of Berlin, in an existing residential area in the district of Pankow. The buildings are built as a circular timber construction that is visible from the outside and inside. A noteworthy feature of the project is the quarter-wide energy concept with geothermal heat pumps and photovoltaic systems.

Laudator Theresa Keilhacker, president of the Berlin Chamber of Architects, honoured the project saying: “The Kokoni One timber construction quarter at the orchard with its geothermal probe system shows how a low-temperature LowEx local heating network can be implemented and, in addition with electricity from photovoltaic modules on the roofs be available throughout the entire neighbourhood. The space- and resource-optimised houses consisting of 84 residential units arranged around an imaginary village green are an exemplary implementation of circular construction.”

More information on the project and the involved partners

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Visualisation | View over the entire neighbourhood | © ZIEGERT GmbH | INCEPT GmbH

Award ceremony “Climate Protection Partner of the Year” | (f.l.t.r.) Lars Karbe, formerly INCEPT GmbH, Dag Schaffarcyk, Spreeplan Projekt UG, Jan Schreiber, ZRS Architekten Ingenieure, Theresa Keilhacker, President of the Berlin Chamber of Architects | Photo: Ines Hasenau – IHK Berlin

Posted on: 16. May 2024