The U-Halle in Mannheim was honoured with the German Sustainability Award (DNP) 2023. Hütten & Paläste transformed the 20,000 m² hall, which was formerly used for military purposes, for the Bundesgartenschau 2023 (BUGA) for events, exhibitions and gastronomy. ZRS Ingenieure analysed the existing load bearing structure and drew up preliminary structural designs.

The conversion largely consists of the removal of structural elements, so that the 700 metre long, previously uniform large building is now alternately open and closed. Small-scale interior and exterior spaces are created and the hall is integrated into the landscape. The partial removal of sealed surfaces and the greening of the hall also contribute to this. Some of the existing building components were reused unchanged or used to reinforce other components. Most of the conversions were carried out in a circular manner, i.e. with detachable and reusable building materials.

By consistently using the existing building stock, the consumption of building materials and energy was reduced and having to construct new buildings for the temporary BUGA was avoided. The DNP jury saw the ambitious project as a convincing and aesthetically sophisticated contribution to sustainable building and to a contemporary, new culture of remodelling.

Architecture: Hütten & Paläste

More information on the DNP 2023:

Publication: Jahrbuch der Ingenieurbaukunst 2024

Aerial photograph: BUGA
Photos: H7PHOTO.COM / Lucac & Diehl

Posted on: 5. December 2023