Conservation of a historic rammed earth wall | Greene/Einbeck

The almost 200-meter-long historic rammed earth enclosure wall in Greene near Einbeck is a monument of national importance and was in danger of collapsing or had already collapsed in large parts. In a heavy administrative and financial effort, the restoration of the wall was made possible by the local building authority (Mr Fricke). ZRS Ingenieure carried out an extensive investigation of the existing structure as well as the planning for emergency stabilisation and conservation. The rehabilitation is now nearly completed.


The wall, which deviates up to 20 cm from the perpendicular, will be erected in sections by the company Denkmalplan. A horizontal barrier will be installed and cracks and defects will be repaired.  The already collapsed wall sections have already been rebuilt using rammed earth technique. Finally, the historic buttresses have been supplemented by additional new ones. With this package of measures, the already 200-year-old rammed earth wall can look forward to a long future.

Posted on: 29. September 2020