Bremen, Deutschland

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Building G38 is part of the extension of the Ellener Hof housing estate in Bremen-Osterholz. The ground floor and the first floor house a day-care centre for children, while the second to fourth floors are intended for residential use.

The external dimensions of the five-storey building are 31.25 m in length and 18.55 m in width. In the south-west corner, the rectangular ground plan diverges inwards. Accessible terraces are arranged on the 2nd and 4th floors.

Access is via a central staircase core in solid wood construction with stairs and stair landings in reinforced concrete construction. The stairwell is constructed with interior wood-faced cross-laminated timber wall elements. The wall elements bear both the vertical loads from the stairs or stair landings and the storey ceilings, as well as horizontal loads from wind effects. To ensure fire and sound protection requirements, the walls are provided with an internal facing shell on the room side.

The load-bearing columns and beams of the skeleton construction are planned in timber construction with glulam. The transoms located inside the building are timber-faced. The account points of the column-transom construction are executed with screwed end-grain connectors. The façade consists of non-load-bearing timber panel elements with cellulose insulation.

The floor slabs are designed as a wood-concrete composite construction. The shear bond is achieved via cervicals milled into the timber component. The support on the transoms is provided by Z-shaped steel brackets and the connection to the BSP walls is provided by laminated timber nails screwed into the walls.

The foundation is carried out at the façade axes via a foundation beam arranged under the floor slab. This distributes the point-shaped column loads evenly into the building ground. Inside the building, the foundation is made via the floor slab.